Looking for this green led finger reader module out of a Compumatic XLS Bio reader

I am looking to purchase 5 of these sensors. Numbers on the circut board VLS100320 & C303rist.
16 pin wire tape connection. This sensor has a silicone film on the glass. Perfer new sensor does not have the silicone film.



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Hello @scott.s,

Thanks for posting the photos and welcome to the TechForum Community! The sensor housing was specifically made for that unit. You would have to check with the manufacturer of the device to see if they can repair or sell replacement parts.

Thank you!

Thank You for your response. :slight_smile:

Hi @scott.s ,

Here are the options we do carry, some of them look very similar and depending on the original design may work, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Please review datasheet specifications:

Thank You for your help and suggestions.


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