Photo/Light sensor

My father passed along a Honeywell slide projector, model 630 manufactured sometime between 1968-1970. I am trying to restore it and need help identifying a broken photo/light sensor (see attached pictures). The 3 pin can sensor is connected to a small circuit board and mounts to a plastic base, directed towards a mirror inside the unit. The projector states that it is self focusing and I would assume that the sensor helps with that function. Would like your help to replace it. Thanks

Are you able to include all of the markings. We might be able to find something using them.

Here is a closer view of all the numbers on the component. Hope this helps.

The markings are insufficient to read, and even if they could be identified, finding data on a 40 - 50 year old part is not too likely.

I found a link to a website which sells repair manuals for this projector, which MAY have a part number, but that doesn’t guarantee that we could get any information which would allow us to find a suitable match. The manual number they list is #90030 for hard copy and #90038 for a CD version.

Here’s a link to where we keep this type of optical sensor. It may behave similar to one of these, but without more information, there’s no way to know.

It almost appears to be a TO39 can package, but cannot be sure, as I do not see the leads…. Are you able to get more information, top side and bottom side view?




Thank you for spending the time to investigate and providing the external link information. The age of the projector may find it difficult to pursue.

Thank you for looking into this! The age of this projector certainly does not help matters. The sensor component had 3 (three) wires coming from the base or bottom (which were broken at the base) and a dark colored glass lens on the top.
I may take a look at the service repair information that was provided to me, in a link, from David_1528.
Thanks again.