Need help ID'ing this optical sensor


Tapped hole visible behind sensor is M2. Looks like 5 wires that go to the outside of the sensor.

Button head screws in the second picture are M3 for scale

Sensors are held in from the front with one M2X5 button head cap screw

Needed to support some older equipment. the only part numbers found for this don’t yield any results when searched: 151517 GCE Optical Sensor

Please help! Thank you very much!



Would you have the in-side distance for the sensor?
I can use that to see if we have anything similar.

Hi Nathan,

I don’t have the sensor in hand, but there are some rough dimensional estimates scaled from the pictures I have:



I am not seeing that we have an option that would be a match.
OPB916BOCZ Was the most similar that I had found.

Hi Nathan,

I really appreciate the help. Thank you!

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