Identify a photo Sensor Make


I have a photo interrupter sensor.
I cannot find anything similar to this online, neither the Datasheet or Make.

Can someone help me in this please.




Hello @tamseel.kot

I have been unable to identify what photo interrupting sensor this is.

Hi tamseel.kot,

It does not look like we can identify this one, and we don’t have any that would appear to be a direct replacement for it. The shape is different than anything we carry and we don’t have any with a connector facing the same direction as the two posts, like yours.

Based on your 3-pin connector, it would almost certainly a “digital logic” type of output like those in the “Photointerrupters - Slot Type - Logic Output” family with a connector, but no way to know what power supply it requires or what type of output it would have. Some turn on when the slot is blocked, while others turn on when it is not blocked. Also, while the majority use an NPN transistor open-collector type output, some do use a PNP type output, as well.

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Hello tamseel.kot,

Unfortunately, I’m not able to locate this part.

However, there are a variety of modular “slot type” sensors available. For example:

I noticed that your sensor contains three pins. I suspect the signals on these pins are positive, ground, and output – but not necessarily in that order.

If you are open to parts substitution, you may be able to restore your system by:

  1. use a voltmeter to identify the voltage. For example, is this a 5 VDC device or a 24 VDC device?

  2. determine the change on interrupt. For example, the device may output a high logic signal on interrupt.

  3. select an appropriate sensor and then perform the necessary physical and electrical modification.

Perhaps you have another working device in your system that you could use to perform these tests.

Please let us know how we can assist.

Best wishes.


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