Is there such a bus-like connector?

Greetings, first post, and sorry if this is obvious. Creating a harness that needs to distribute 5v power out to a device that has several components that require 5v power. I want to limit the wires out to the device to just two, but tap off those two for several components. A terminal block/bus bars/special board are really overkill and unwieldy in this application (very little space and no place to mount anything). Basically, I need a very tiny rectangular connector that works like a power strip - two wires in, and multiple two-wire plugs out. Is there such an animal?

Thanks for any help advice you can give!

Hello cbarry, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I was unable to find any tiny 2 wire connector, that would have multiple 2 wire connectors to plug into it, to act like a distribution block. Maybe one of the engineers can add to this post with an idea for your application.

Thanks for looking - I’ve been looking too, and it seems like a useful kind of connector, and that surely someone else has a similar need, but I just do not now how to best search for it.
How would you tackle this requirement of a micro-powerstrip?

The basic function of joining a single conductor to several would seem like the domain of splice connectors. Packaging several such into a modular device is a somewhat less general case, though extant examples can be found in the form of Y-adapters for audio applications (3.5mm, RCA, etc). Depending on context, something of that sort might possibly be appropriated for the task.

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Thanks Rick. That led me to using some of your words and found
this kind of thing: