BUS RCPT for 1445022-3

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I am looking for some kind of BUS to use with this connector–without making my own. Does anything like this exist?
I.E. splitting wires without soldering them together and being messy.


Not really sure what you are trying to do with this one.

Something like this.
Trombetta 99-0650 J1939 6 Place Splitter with Gold Pins | Waytek (waytekwire.com)

But for the micro Mate n lock.

Hi @christian1 ,

I don’t see any buss options available, although TE may be able to produce a custom product for you for a price and minimum order quantity. The only thing that comes to mind is mounting the header versions to a PCB board and creating your own buss. Click here for Micro MATE-N-LOK headers.

Otherwise, you may start a live chat with TE and see what custom options they would have available.

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Hi Ryan,

*Unfortunately, that is what I figured–but was trying to avoid.
Thanks for double checking for me.

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