Pins to Wires Interconnect

I am looking for a 15 by 2 Row Rectangular Interconnect to mate with the Pin side of an EBC15MMWD, with the other side interfacing to Wires.

Please see sketch.

Can you help me identify a compatible rectangular interconnect?


(Airplane guy, not Electrical guy)


Thank you for your post.

I am not finding anything in our system that would mate to the back of that connector.

The main issue is the row spacing of .2" or 5.08mm. The highest pin count we have for something like that is only 20pos total, so two rows of 10.

Well, That is going to make it a little harder.
My challenge is that I have an existing 15x2 wire harness that terminates at a 583861-9 connector that mates to a two sided PCB. That PCB sticks out the back of an engine instrument and I need to move the engine instrument to a new position and the existing harness and Connector can’t reach the new position.

Do you know of a male Connector that will mate into the 583861-9 PCB side?