Technical Assitance for Terminal strip and its mating connector


I would like to get technical assistance( Part numbers ) from you on terminal strip and its mating connector with specifications as below mentioned:

Pitch: 2.54mm

Position: 20

Rows: 2

Overall length: 42mm


Also I would like to get part numbers for this product along with its mating part

Looking forward to get response from you.

Karthick K

Hello Karthick K,

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Having checked our selection I’m not seeing any Rectangular Header - Male Pin - 20 position 2 Row I did not see any options 42mm in overall length.

The other catagory that might have something that length would be:

Rectangular Connectors - Board Spacers, Stackers (Board to Board)

However I didn’t see anything close to 42mm that we have in stock for that category also.

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Either your picture is wrong or your overall length is wrong. 10 pins at 2.54mm between pins is 25.4mm overall length. A length of 40.64 mm is a 2 row 32 pin (16 pins / row) header, and length of 43.18 mm is a 2 row 34 pin (17 pins / row) header.

Another important spec needed to find the right part is the length of the pins on the mating (long) and post (short) sides.

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