Is this device silent while operating?

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Does this device produce an audible hum when working? I would like to use it with my stereo, so it needs to be silent while operating


The Manufacture does not give a noise level on this one.

Hi Karl,
Thanks for your response. I noted that in the datasheet as well, so I am hoping someone who has used the unit may be able to provide firsthand experience with whether it hums or not, as it seems reviews online are mixed with some people stating it is “silent” and others stating it produces a hum that is audible from several feet away.
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I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it depended quite a bit on the current load, as that would significantly affect the strength of the magnetic field within the coils, which in turn would tend to affect the amount of movement (120Hz vibration) within the coils.

So, if this is a correct theory, if you are pulling an average of 50W through your system, it likely wouldn’t add much hum, but if you were pulling 600W, there might be significantly more hum.

Thanks, David; that’s very helpful info!