Is this item Obsolete or not? Discrepancy

The Molex Manufacturer part number # 716607050 appears obsolete on their website and the Digikey website, but on digikey, it shows a PCN that there is a retraction of the obsolescence, can someone help me to know if this item will be active again.

Also, there is no other compatible replacement.



Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics. I checked with the Product Specialist on this one. Currently there is no replacement for this part.

you could check as possible replacement for this obsolete Molex Manufacturer part number # 716607050 as closest option the
TX24 series from JAE Electronics with the same description as: CONN RCPT 50POS VERT GOLD.

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Can you check if the retraction of the obsolescence will put the componente as active again?
Just to know if this part will be in stock.


Here is the new information I received from the Product Specialist. He stated to check the original PCN notice of They list the 734031580 . Right now it is up to Molex to release the parts. Due to the Supplier issues at this time, there might be a wait. This is the information we have so far.

Thanks! I will check this part with the mechanical team