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Does anyone know of a compatible socket for this connector? It seems these are out of production.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The socket contact listed by the manufacturer is TE part 493509-3 which is a contact we don’t carry. I checked and wasn’t able to find anything compatible to offer.

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Hi wofforda ,

These are TE connectors, however TE states Molex makes the contacts for them which supposedly are 033094-0001 and 3323-00002 for the mating set. These contacts appear obsolete, but I’m checking with Molex for replacements.

TE’s full response:
TE does not supply the contacts used in 1599027-1(uses pin contacts) and the mating half 1599028-1(uses socket contacts).
TE no longer make the contacts/terminals tor the plug and receptacle assemblies 1599027-1 and 1599028-1 respectively. Compatible contacts are made by Molex.

Molex Part Numbers:
1.6mm Pin Contact
14-16 AWG
Part # 033094-0001
1.6mm Socket Contact
14-16 AWG
Part # 3323-00002

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Hi @wofforda ,

I’m sorry to inform you these contacts are not available. Please see our Molex product manager response:
“These are not available, there will be no replacement. I would have to say it is up to TE for this one.”

As mentioned in above reply, a TE representative stated to use Molex and not TE contacts. We are at a loss on this one. I did reach out to our TE product manager as well wondering why the connector is an active part but have no contacts for it, but I haven’t heard anything back on this. The way it looks, I am thinking this is a custom-made part for a specific customer where that given customer has their own contacts.

Hi @wofforda

Please see our TE product managers response:
“Here’s what I heard back from TE, I’m inclined to agree that they’re obsolete:”

1599028-1 uses socket contacts and it is supplied by Molex not TE. Please refer the details:
1.6mm Socket 14-16 3323-00002
16-20 N/A
18-20 (Gold) 3308-80009

2.8mm Socket 10-12 033118-0008
14-16 033118-0005
18-20 033118-000

Thanks for looking into this. This is a Ford connector from 2002, not sure when they stopped using it, maybe 2004 when the engine was changed. The connector has both TE and Ford logos on it, so likely you’re right that this was at least a semi-custom part. I guess I’ll have to get real creative if I don’t want to splice the corroded wires.

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Hi @wofforda ,

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