ISD 1820 sound recoder

I am using the ISD 1820 sound recorder to play voices on a mini golf hole, 1 1820 will speak congratulatory words for the hole in one, but heckling words on the three other holes witch will be played by their corresponding 1820 recorder. The issue I am having is when attaching micro switches for triggering the 1820’s they work right when on short wires, but when I lengthen the wires the 1820’s will start repeating without activating the switch. Is it due to the longer wire causing to much resistance? How can I solve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Teefer,

Sounds like the length could be causing your issue. Have you tried testing with your longer length of wire to see what kind of loss you are experiencing compared to the shorter wire?


It’s entirely possible that the longer wire length is functioning as an antenna that’s picking up enough signal to trigger the logic-level input of the device. Try adding an R-C filter to the input.