Issue with Breakpoints and Source Code Association in Segger Embedded Studio (SES) with J-Link Ultr

I am writing to seek assistance regarding an urgent issue related to breakpoints and source code association in Segger Embedded Studio (SES) when using the J-Link Ultra+ debugger. We recently acquired the J-Link Ultra+ specifically for its breakpoint functionality within SES, but we are facing difficulties in getting the debugger to recognize the source code for the compiled code.

Here are the details of our setup and the steps we have taken so far:

  1. Environment: We are using SES version 4.10 due to specific requirements in our current environment.
  2. Compilation and Linking: We have ensured that the necessary compiler and linker options are configured correctly. Specifically, we have included the -g flag to include debugging information for both compilation and linking.
  3. Breakpoint Behavior: Despite the above configuration, when we set breakpoints in SES, the breakpoints appear with a stop sign followed by a question mark. This indicates that the debugger is unable to locate the corresponding source code for the compiled code.
  4. Disassembly View: Additionally, regardless of our efforts, the debugger consistently starts in the assembly language view, and the debugging session begins at the first line of disassembled code.

Given the time constraints we are under, we kindly request your expertise in identifying any missing or incorrect setup steps within SES for compiling and linking, specifically related to source code association. We understand that SES 4.10 might have certain limitations, but we need to make it work with the J-Link Ultra+ in our current environment.

We appreciate any guidance, recommendations, or workarounds you can provide to resolve this issue promptly. If there are any updates, patches, or known compatibility issues between SES 4.10 and the J-Link Ultra+ that we should be aware of, please inform us accordingly.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt assistance.

Sincerely, Dave Roach, Deep Life Sensors

You may get faster, or better, help at the software’s support forum.

Here’s the link to Segger corporate support.