Issues running a motor with the B-G431B-ESC1

I am using a B-G431B-ESC1 inverter board to run a 36v 10A hub motor. The board is based on the STM32G431CB microcontroller so I am using the STM motor control environment to generate code for this project. Their Motor Control Workbench has a motor profiling program to get the specs from a custom motor like the one I am using. From this motor profile, along with many other parameters, STM32CubeMX generates code for the B-G431B-ESC1. We then upload this code through the STM32cubeIDE and try to run the motor with the ST motor pilot. The problem is the code never seems to work right. The motor doesn’t run and returns one of a few errors depending on the parameters we set up in the Motor control workbench. Is there some parameter we are missing that is important for this board? Since we are staying within the STM environment it doesn’t make sense that the generated code keeps failing. It’d be great to get a response soon as I am trying to figure this out in the next week. I can provide more information if needed.


I’m not aware of anybody locally who’s spent time with that particular tool set and might thus have experiential knowledge to share.

Generically, in such a case I’d look to the error messages for clues, try to get things moving using defaults/known good examples, and examine outputs and behaviors in an attempt to identify what’s happening. Improper commutation suggests something different than no output switching at all for example, and suspicious coefficient values returned by a characterization routine might suggest some procedural error in that process.

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