Item#: 3M SJ3561 CLR 1"X50YD - How many Rolls would I get for $616.47?

------Question for SJ3561 CLR 1
Hi - regarding tour product item# 1. 3M SJ3561 CLR 1"X50YD (Tiny URL: , how many rolls of 1" x 50 yards would I get for $616.47. Is it only 1 roll of 50 yards, or is it 2 or more? I ask because the manufacturer has the product listed on their website as available as a “2 roll pack”. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hello cfguy and welcome to the DigiKey tech forum.

From what I can see, it appears that 3M162217-ND is listed as a unit price is one roll. So a quantity of 1 equals 1 roll.