Item use with TE connector

Hello, Can I use the Digikey Item: 1003-1057-ND along with the Tyco Electronics (TE) part number : 5745404-1 as a slide latch.
the TE part is a 15 pos DB connector. …pls recommend a slide latch for this.

Hello Sorabh,
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Did you have a part number for the 15 position DB connector that you want to use?
The part number from TE that you listed 5745404-1 is also a Slide Lock.
However, both parts that you listed are for a 9 position DB connector.
If you need a Slide Lock for a 15 position Please look at These Options. These are for a 15 position DB Connector.
Any questions Please let us know.

Ya, …sorry. 1658691-1 this is my TE part in use, …and I need an answer if the Digikey Item: 1003-1057-ND can be used as a slide latch for this item ?

The connector 1658691-1 is a 15 position High Density DB Connector. This will have the Shell size of a 9 position DB connector.
To answer the question Yes the part 1003-1057-ND will work with the 1658691-1.

Hello Paul,
Thank you for the information.

So from the information provided, which one would it be recomended to be used as a slide latch with 1658691-1

[DA512201] (
[DE512241] (

please suggest, so I could finalise the optimum one and provide my recomendation to my purchasing team.

The Correct one to use with the part 1658691-1 will be the Slide lock 1003-1057-ND DE512241
The main thing is that it has a 2,500 piece min buy.

Sure. .Thank you for your support on this one… !!!