JST 4-wire connector?

I’d like to find a 4-wire JST RE female connector with wires attached, ideally ~2ft long with all black wires in a ribbon.

I can find this: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/seeed-technology-co-ltd/110990080/5487929

However, I’d like it to be longer and for the wires to all be black. I also don’t need a connector on both ends.

I’m having trouble finding this on the Digi-Key website. Any recommendations on how to search for this?

sanford, I am sorry we do not make cables with that series connector.

Hi @sanford78,

We do not offer your requested product as a standard option off the shelf but, we may be able to create a custom solution for you. Please send your request to Custom.Orders@digikey.com


Along with inquiring about the JST RE connector assembly at Custom.Orders@digikey.com, you might want to also consider the Molex SL series WM2802-ND connectors. They appear to have essentially the same form-factor and both mate to a standard 0.100" pitch square header.

If we can’t do an assembly with the JST RE series, we might be able to do so with this series.

David - this looks perfect - is it possible to buy this with wires already attached? I tried searching for it myself but didn’t find a pre-existing assembly (apologies - I’m new to searching Digikey)

Hi sanford78,

You would have to send a request for an assembly with that part number to Custom.Orders@digikey.com, as mentioned above. The reason I suggested the Molex part is that we normally stock this connector, and therefore it would be more likely that we could make the cable assembly you require. One additional thing you will need to specify is the wire gauge you require.