Keihin ECU connector



I’m looking for these specific connectors that’s fitted to a Keihin ECU with part number 634D-197A-0B1. Made in 2013.






As you stated these are specific connectors for that part. I looked for the part number you gave and I did not find anything within our site that matched it. In addition, I was not able to find any information on the connector online. The only options that I was able to find were on EBAY and they looked to just sell the part and not a connector for it. I did look to see if we had something similar to it in our system as well, but I did not find any options.

Thanks, Bobby



Thank you for your reply. I found it. Its JST Automotive Connectors, ZRO series.



After looking at the Datasheet I agree with your findings. Currently this is not in our system, however if you do need help buying the part please contact our sales department and we can look into processing a Non-Catalog Request.