Need help finding specific part

What would be the part that is shown below? I have looked through the extensive JST library on their website, but I wasn’t able to identify the part on there.

There are some tabs on either side that keep the connector(s) in place. If I can find the connector, I will post up that information too.


Is there some kind of indication that it is a jst connector.

Looks a lot like 2-644861-8 from te though I would need to verify measurements.

There wasn’t a marking that it was a JST, I was just assuming that due to the measurements I had to go off of. That part is exactly it though! Now to see if there is a 12-pin version :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe 3-644486-2

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Yep, that should work! Thanks for your help!

Just out of curiosity, would this have the same mounting holes as the following part:

As in, are they interchangeable on a circuit board?


They might work but are off slightly. The jst connector is a 2.50mm pitch and the te connector is a 2.54mm pitch so over 11 gaps you are looking at .44mm varience. Most through holes are big enough to allow for that but be aware it may not drop right in.