Kemet C-Specs Capacitor Suffixes

From Kemet:

C-Specs are 4-digit codes found at the end of a part number which specify things like reeling, ESR ratings or special testing. These are internal codes to KEMET and may not appear on a customer’s BOM. However, they do appear on labels and can cause confusion at receiving. Below are a number of KEMET
C-specs (Customer Specifications) which are commonly used.

Note: KEMET allows distributors and customers to use TR for specifying tape and reel or TU for ceramic chips, specifying tape/unmarked. When these abbreviations are used, the KEMET system will automatically apply the appropriate 4-digit code.
Example: C0805C103K5RACTU = C0805C103K5RAC7800 (7800 = standard tape & reel)
ESR rating example: T520D337M004ATE012 (E for ESR, 012 = 12mOhm)

Commercial Ceramic Chips

C-Spec Marked Description
7800 7025 7" Reel, Plastic Tape C0805-C2225 (C0201-C0603 use paper Tape) Typ 4k/reel
7210 7215 13" Reel Plastic Tape C0805-C2225 (C0201-C0603 use paper Tape) Typ 10k/reel
7867 7013 7" Paper Tape C0201-C2225 Typ 4k/reel
7411 7040 13" Paper Tape C0201-C2225 Typ 10k/reel
Txxx See Above 7" Reels for smaller quantities: Use T+QTY: T500 or T1K0=1k reel
9019 N/A C0402=50k/Cassette, C0603=15k/cassette
3946 N/A 100 pcs on strip of tape with feeder tape on each end(for auto insertion)
3810 N/A All ceramic p/ns except military. This covers values not included in 3946. Bagged
*Some Quantities can vary for further information see MFG datasheet.

Commercial Tantalum Chips

C-Spec Marked Description
N/A Standard 7" reel for T49x, T510, T520, T530, T540 Case Size A&B=2000, C, D & X =500
7280 Standard 13" reel: T49x, T5xx, Case Size A=9000, B=8000, C=3000, D=2500, X=2000
Txxx Standard 7"reels for smaller quantities use: T+ATy T100 or T1K0 for 1k
Exxx Standard For T493, T495, T496, T498, T499, T520, T521, T522, T530, T545. ESR ratings are
called out (E+ESR rating) example: E040 = ESR of 40 mOhms; E1K5 = 1500 mOhms
4394 Standard 20 piece increments on a strip of tape
*Tantalum chip (SMD) come on a 7" reel as a standard, so no reeling spec is necessary.

Ceramic Leaded Capacitors

C-Spec Marked Description
7200 Standard Axial: C41x, C420, C430, C440, C1xx, C2xx, CK12, CKR11 - CK16, CKR11 - CKR16
Standard Radial: C3xx, C05x, C06x, MIL-C-11015, MIL-PRF-39014, CKR
9248 Standard Radial: C31x, C32x, C33x, C34x, C35x

Tantalum Leaded Capacitors

C-Spec Marked Description
7200 Standard Axial: T110, T140, T2xx, T32x, CSR, CSS, CX01/05, MIL-PRF-39003
Standard Radial: T330, T340, T35x, T36x, CX02/09, T37x, CX06, MIL-PRF-49137

Common Military C-Specs

C-Spec Marked Description
7185 Standard 100 pieces per 7" reel. One date code per reel. One year date code
7189 Standard 7" reel. One date code per reel (does not specify full reel increment only)
7370 Standard 7" reel. Full reel increments as designated by chip size. One date code per reel
7956 Standard Single date lot code per reel
7505 Standard Single date/lot code per line item
7513 Standard Single date/lot code per item + one year date code restriction
Dxxx Standard 7" Reels for non-standard quantities, D+QTY: D100=100 pcs/reel
Standard Special surge testing
Standard ESR screening and surge testing
7502 Standard Group A/C Test Data - Additional Charge Likely

7136 C-SPEC is single lot date code per reel. Basically, it means that each reel will have a single date code for the part number.

Also the below link to Kemet’s site for reference.
C-Spec Quick Reference Guide