Kemet TRS5-80BLRU


I purchased one of these to work as a thermostat inside a heated chamber. However in my test closure It does not turn the heater off when the temperature is well over 80° C according to the oven Thermostat that is in with it. I simply have this wired directly in line between the heater and the 120v power cord.

Am I misunderstanding how this unit should work?

Thank you!


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , this thermostat is only rated for 0.5A @ 140VAC , my best guess is that you have welded the contacts together by too much current . The first thing you need to know is what is the heating element current draw ? You may have to run this thermostat in line with a relay to turn the heater on and off . Something like this , part number 2449-J115F31A120VACS-ND , this is rated for 40A on the contacts .

Thanks Craig

Thank you I have easily don’t know much about electrical things.

Would you please recommend a specific Relay for these specifications? Thank you!

02810.9-00 02810.9-01 AC 120 V, 50/60 Hz 400 W 9.0 A 10.0 A 17.6 oz. (500 g) UL File No. E234324


The relay I offered before will work part number 2449-J115F31A120VACS-ND , but the data sheet that you have linked shows that they are using FTO 011 which is a thermostat , I have found 2 part numbers for that one which we do not have Those part numbers are 01160.0-01 and 01160.0-00 , I did find some at a place called Galco they have them in stock , , Data sheet

Thanks Craig

Thank you for your quick and helpful replies. I need a thermostat that cuts off at 80 degrees Celsius… Preferably I would like a variable one that goes that high, but I haven’t found one. Any that fit?


take a look at part number 1920-1715-ND , this is adjustable from -10 to 80C ,

data sheet ,

Thanks Craig .

perfect, does this require a relay or is the relay included? Thank you

This looks to be all in one solution . screw terminals and din rail mounted .