Looking for a specific rheostat


I am looking for a direct replacement for this rheostat. I cannot find anything in english, and it looks like this part is used in Europe in various ironing devices.

I have the following number off the device - 141141258EFG followed by the RU (R backwards) for the UL number and a 110. Also, on the french website above, I have the number PEO50051S, but that looks like an internal sku they have designated.

Does Digikey have anything like this?


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That is not a rheostat, it is a bi-metallic thermostat, I don’t think Digi-Key sells them.

It will be rated with a temperature adjustment range, angular rotation range, and maximum power handling capability. It’s been many decades since I specified these for my employer so I have no idea who still manufactures these.

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I did some searching, and Digi-Key does not have a match to this item.
Technical Reference # T4259552

Hi bjorn,

You might try Googling images with search string “adjustable bimetallic thermostat”. Some of those looked similar and might point you to some possible options.