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Do you have a part like this

Hi dooleys,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. I don’t believe we carry any adjustable thermostats of that type, but I did see some similar ones out on the web by searching the term “thermostat” and the part number I see on it, “ZH-001A”. I recommend you give that a shot.

Hi, thanks I usually buy my parts at Digi but I have looked online and wanted to purchase here first. I see Ali express has it but didn’t want to wait for 5 weeks for it.

Adjustable setpoint bi-metal thermostat assemblies are becoming rarer than hen’s teeth.

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True but the wife’s roaster is only 2 years old and that’s what it’s got. She is looking at a new one and it still has a dial on it too.

Ebay and Amazon show some similar ones, too. Delivery times would probably be much better than Ali.