When I use the AD1938WBSTZ in KiCAD, I get all sorts of errors and warnings when I run the ERC.
For instance I get “Warning: Pins of type Unspecified and Passive are connected” and “Error: Input pin not driven by any Output Power pins”.
I am just wondering if the EDA/CAD models are meant to be taken as absolutely accurate according to the components they represent or are they mainly supposed to be used for their footprints?

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In 40+ years doing PCB layout, every vendor, or CAD company, supplied library I’ve ever used had some problems.

So my standard practice is to copy the component to a custom library and adjust it to meet company CAD standards. It used to be standard practice for companies with more than a handful of engineers to have one engineer designated as the CAD component librarian who created the official library of parts to choose from.

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The component models on offer are supplied by third parties and made available as a convenience, but are NOT to be understood as an authoritative information source, and are NOT guaranteed to be accurate, complete or current. Statements to such effect will generally be found in a resource’s terms & conditions, as in the example below.

And while it may come as a surprise, the bulk of most product datasheets is not considered authoritative either. The only portion thereof that one should understand as authoritative/guaranteed are the tabulated maximum and minimum values, and then only within the confines of any qualifying information present.

“Typical” values, the narrative in an application section, highlights on page 1, all of that is to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s put there in an effort to be helpful, but at day’s end the user is responsible for determining fitness for their own purposes.