"L" Suffix on Souriau housings - 851 Series Breakdown

When you are looking at the “L” suffix on the MIL-DTL-26482,851 Series of connector housings from Souriau the “L” is a call out meaning “Less Contacts”.

Here is a breakdown from the connector data sheet, however it does not include the “Less Contacts” breakdown.

85100R84P50L 85106RT84S50L 85108RC1626S50L 85108RC2041P50L 85107A1626P5044L 85102R106S50L 85102R1419P50L 85106RC1210S50L 85106RC106S50LSTC 85102R168P50L 85106RC106S50L 85102R1418P50L 85106RC1210P50L 85102R145P50L 85100P1415S50LPCPR 85106RC1412P50L 85102R1418SW50L 85102R2041P50L 85102R2041S50L 85108RP106P50L 85100RC2016P50L 85106R1832S50L 85106RC2221S50L 85106R2255P50L 85107R2255P50L 85106RC2041P50L 85106R2255S50L 85100RC2255S50L 85106RC2255S50L 85108RC128S50L 85107RC1210S50L 85106RC2027S50L 85108RC2255P50L