L7812CV-DG and L7812CV

Can someone tell me the difference between the 12V linear regulator part number with and without the -DG. In understand that DG stands for Dual Gauge, meaning that the heat sink on the TO-220 part in thicker. However, both parts are rated for 1.5A and the junction to case thermal resistance is the same on both parts. This makes no sense to me.

From what I understand, this was a change that STMicro made to improve their own manufacturing process more than anything else.

Opinions vary, but anecdotal statements show that the thinner heat sink is more apt to warp under stress, and some users claim that at higher power levels, the difference in thermal dissipation is more noticeable.

I couldn’t find any specifics, but I did find the following STMicro Product Change Notice that should explain the change. It’s easy to see how a single gauge would improve processing, but I can also find separate torque specs for single gauge tabs in some documents, so that does imply that there is a physical difference to consider. 4857.pdf (172.5 KB) {Docment name: PCN APM-SLI/09/4857 ]

For a very large purchase, the single gauge might save money, but for occasional use, I would go with the dual gauge given the small price difference.