The differences on PNs

Dear dgk’s Tech:

I want FT-63ETV202 , Mfr :NCC , but I see dgk only has stk on FT-63EP202 or FT-63EV202, and I know “T”=packing, but I dont know : 1.the difference between "EP"and “EV” ? 2. no any difference between FT-63ETV202 and FT-63EP202 (expect packing) ? Lookng forward to your reply! thanks!

Hello john2,
The added T is for Tape & Reel packaging. Without the T, it will be bulk packaging.
The V calls out the 3 leads will be in a straight line pattern. The P calls out the 3 leads will be in a triangle pattern. So the best option is 563-FT-63EV202-ND, which is the same part, but will not be on a Tape & Reel. They will be loose in a bag (bulk packaging). They will operate the same, and mount in the same holes in the PCB.

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Thank you very much for you help!