Lamborghini Countach automotive HVAC controller

Looking for a connector for the attached pictures, seem to get close to finding but not quite what I’m looking for. Rather than soldering wire to the boards I’d like to use a connector with wires to fit pins.
Need 7 and 8 pin connector, thanks in advance for the help.

I am sorry. I am not finding this type of connector in our system. I would say this one might be custom.

Is there anything even close that I may be able to make work?

That would appear to be a card edge connector of either a 5mm or 0.2" (5.08mm) pitch. That’s a little bit wide for modern tastes, but it’s conceivable that you might be able to use a half-pitch housing and populate every other socket. you’d want to check whether the contacts are single- or double-sided and whether or not they’re connected to each other at each position.

These and perhaps other products in the family are examples of the sort of thing that might be useful. Contacts should be listed as “associated product” toward the bottom of the page for any specific housing.

Thanks appreciate the help