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Hi There. I’m trying to put together a little laser maze game and am looking at the best lasers to use for this. I recently ordered some D650-5l laser diodes to try out the idea but I realise upon arrival that they require lenses to focus the beam.

My main requirements for the lasers are to have a sharp and visible beam so around the 15mw-20mw range, green is probably the most visible, and would like to have them able to be powered for 3 - 5 minutes at a time without burning out. If possible I’d like to keep these as low budget as I can as well for now and will look at doing a higher quality multi-colour setup at a later stage.

Anyone know of any lasers that could accomplish the above fairly easily?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Daylin,

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I didn’t see a low budget 15mw-20mw module, but you can look through the choices.
You can sort the list by power, cost, size,…
A google search listed the green color from 495-570nm, and these are 515-523nm.

Hi David

Thank you for your response :slight_smile: So just to make sure I understand, there isn’t a similar module to this:
or alternatively a lens that can be used to focus the beam of these modules to a point?

Hi Daylin,

You want a laser module with integrated driver and lens. Here are our green options with reasonable power. You do not want to use a laser module which outputs more than 5mW, as this is very unsafe when there is any risk of shining in someone’s eyes. The ones I linked are rated 1mW to 4mW, which places them in the Class IIIa or lower category.

As you may know, human eyes are far more sensitive to green light than other colors, which means you can get by with a much lower power green laser for the same apparent brightness as with a red or even blue laser.

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