LCD Backlights Driver - Unknown Component

I have an “LCD Backlights Driver” and it is not working. After measurments and checking the routes of the PCB I beleive that this component on the red circle is a choke for filtering the supply voltage and block noise from the inverter to go back to the main board. When I measured in ohm and in diode mode with multemeter shows always OL. I shortcircuit this component and it worked. The current that I measured with multemeter is 550mA, so I want rated current 1,5x550mA=825mA~1Α. Am I right that this is a choke and if yes what value do you beleive is (maybe 15uH or the 15 on the component is just an SMD marking code?)?

That’s also the exact test result you would see from a blown surface mount fuse/self resetting fuse (PPTC).

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I believe this part to be an obsoleted item from KOA Speer. CCP-End of Life and NRND Products
Part number CCP2E15
1.5A 72V size 1210
Datasheet -

Unfortunately I did not find a cross I could offer in our system. The closest I find in our system were radial leaded parts Ex. RXEF075

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