Led indikator for Nebra IP67 Waterproof/Weatherproof Enclosure

Hi, I have a nebra case, NBR-0005, where I use all N-type connectors. i.e. that I only have the four smaller plugs available. Does anyone know what thread they have? I want to put a led indocator there, and I don’t know what size it needs to be.

Hi Vikber,

The N type connector coupling has a 5/8-24 UNEF thread. If that’s what you mean.
Hope that helps.

Hi, thanks for the awnser.

I have alredy found the N-type thread. What i was wondering about were the smaler plugs, se image

Hi again,

I wasn’t able to verify the size of those specifically. I’m checking on it for you with our product specialist and will get back to you as soon as I have some feedback.


@vikber Thread size is M10x0.75
IP67-Diagram-DAM005C-2.pdf (443.7 KB)

Thanks for the help