LG Q396-PS-35-0-20-R18

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For the MPN LG Q396-PS-35-0-20-R18
May we know the definition of 0-20-R18

Hello metha.metha, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I found a TechForum entry, that explains the callouts: CLICK HERE.
So for your part number suffixes:

ā€™0ā€™ is a forward voltage range single group. Since there is always some variance in a voltage or current spec, and this is especially important in LEDs, they are grouped within a range. There are actually subgroups to this.

ā€™20ā€™ is a current grouping. This is much the same as the voltage grouping.

ā€™R18ā€™ is a packing indicator. In this case, it is referring to a 180mm reel as packed by the manufacturer. We can, of course, choose to sell that in smaller quantities as cut-tape.

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