Why is the internal wafer L317 displayed after LM117K is opened?

This is the same crystal but with different chip names.

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Fixed the typo.

All of the die production will either be usable as LM317 spec IC’s or disposed.

Some of the dies will be tested to determine if they meet the LM117 or LM217 specifications and then used to build those IC’s.

This standard method of IC production also means that often a lower cost/specification component will perform like the more expensive one, it’s just not guaranteed to perform at that level.

Overclocking only works as a hobby because this is the standard method of producing high performance IC’s. So CPU’s sold with a lower clock rating may actually have the higher speed capability but have not been not tested for the higher performance so are sold at the lower spec/price.


Thanks for the correction!
I am from Kazakhstan and my English is poor.
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Thank you very much for your reply