IC found on Dell latitude 5410 motherboard

These are located a little above the buck-boost IC and next to the CPU. The ICs posted are the same from two different laptops but i can’t find a datasheet anywhere. One is labelled 8clcve and the other is bclcsq. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I could not find any information on the 8CLCVE.

I could not find any information on the BCLCSQ.

I searched schematics for a similar laptop and found the IC’s name, it’s a SY8288CRAC. I can’t find a datasheet for it, but it has the same markings that i’ve found so far. Why do they obscure the information on their chips like this?


Some manufacture’s have agreements with the chip manufactures, and the markings on the chip is just for that customer. Those are classified as proprietary parts, and only that customer can buy that part from the chip manufacture. This makes it very difficult to find information on the part, and to purchase a replacement. Basically, the Laptop manufacture probably wants you to buy a new laptop, instead of fixing your old one.

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