Logic Input for ADG732

I am studying the data sheet of ADG732, maybe i am not familiar with this kind of switch…
As the data sheet required logic input for PIN#15~PIN#19
I am now trying to sue one resource to drive two different ADG932 Logic control input. (not same component different pin)
Is that is possible?
The resource information as below:

  1. Voltage: 6.5V
  2. Current: 0.4A
    Is anyone has this kind of experience?


The ADG732 A0~A4 pins are digital logic inputs, which are interpreted as a logical true or false (low or high) depending on the voltage applied to them, as well as the supply voltage used to power the device.


It is possible to use the same digital signals to control multiple ADG732 devices in parallel. Branching of digital circuits can be problematic for high-speed operation however, so this may not be a desirable approach if it is desired to change the switch selection at high frequencies or with high precision in time.

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Hi Rick,


Thank for the clarification.

I am clear now, even i series two ADG732 which supply by one resource.
That should be enough.

Appreciate your guide.