Looking for a longer cable similar as the HQCD-030-02.00-SEU-TBR-1

Hi team,
I am wondering if the cable HQCD-030-02.00-SEU-TBR-1 has a longer version?

The HQCD-030-02.00-SEU-TBR-1 is about 5cm long, and I am looking for a longer one like up to 10cm.

I found there were 2 possible options, HQCD-030-06.00-TEU-SEU-1 or HQCD-030-12.00-TEU-SEU-1 available, but I am not sure if these 2 are working the same as the HQCD-030-02.00-SEU-TBR-1?

Many thanks.

Hello @zyzzoo,

Welcome to the TechForum Community. The difference between the two options is the length, HQCD-030-06.00-TTR-STR-1 (0.500’ (152.40mm, 6.00" Length) and HQCD-030-12.00-TEU-SEU-1 (
1.00’ (304.80mm) Length).

To get this cable with the 10cm length, we would have to do a special quote on the part number HQCD-030-03.94-SEU-TBR-1. It is typically 3-5 business days for the quote. Please send me a private message with your customer number and quantity if you would like a quote.


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Hi @Jeff_Aberle Jeff,
Thanks for your information. So, are these two options designed for working the same as the HQCD-030-02.00-SEU-TBR-1?
If so, I think the 15cm one HQCD-030-06.00-TTR-STR-1 should be good for my case. Or you may have to double-check if they work as the same by a special quote?

I am on one of my research projects, and I may just need 2 for research testing purposes.

Sorry for my mistake on the correct cable part numbers. We would have to special order HQCD-030-03.94-SEU-TBR-1 to get the correct cable with the same connectors and length. Send me a private message with your customer number and quantity so we can start the quote.


@Jeff_2258 I see, so these two may not work the same as the HQCD-030-03.94-SEU-TBR-1.

So, I am wondering how could I send you a private message?

Just click on my user name to be able to send the message.


It seems there is no message button when clicking your user name. So, can you please message me and then I reply? Thanks.

Just sent you a PM.