Looking for a Solar Harvester IC w/ high output current (to power a Solenoid)

Dear all,

I am looking for a solar harvester IC, similar to the Maxim MAX20361 but ideally with higher output current.
I would be very thankful for a tip on this.

The IC should have the following characteristics, or at least come as close to them as possible:

Compatible to a solar film with the following properties
Imp: 0,17 A
Vmp: 4.8 V (nominal)
Consisting of 11 cells

Compatible with supercaps

Required output:
either 3.3 or 5 volts

at least 800 mA, the more the better

At the output, besides a microcontroller, a small push solenoid will be powered, which has to be activated only once every few hours or even days.
The relatively high output current is important because of the solenoid. I would choose the solenoid according to the output of the IC (800 mA or more). If you can recommend a suitable solenoid, I would be very grateful. The diameter of the solenoid should not exceed 16 mm.

I would be very thankful for a product/part suggestion.

My best,

Hello Sonny ,

I have notified @David_1528 and @rick_1976 to see if they are able to assist with this request.

I’m not finding a lot of well-adapted solutions for an array of the sort mentioned; it seems to occupy a bit of a sour spot between micro- and macro-power applications so far as example solutions.

This example based around the SPV1050 IC looks like the best match so far, though it’s not perfect. Powering the solenoid using a separate conversion stage with a low-current shutdown may be worth considering; converters with high output current capabilities generally have higher quiescent power requirements, so having a β€œbig” converter used only when necessary to power the large load may offer better economy.

In terms of solenoids, these are some listings that may be in or near the requested ballpark.

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