Looking for a torque wrench, need help!

Hello and Goodmorning,
I am looking for a torque wrench and was directed here.
When assembling smaller components on our electronic assemblies, we use these break over torque wrenches that just fold over when the specified torque is achieved. Our production team manager wants to use the same style tool but I have not been able to find one.

We need a 11/16" crowfoot adapter, that will be torqued from 125-175in-lb, AKA 10.42 - 14.58 ft-lb.
I have seen that we can just use a regular click type torque wrench, with a crowfoot adapter as long as we ensure that the adapter is 90° to the torque wrench.

Does anyone have a clue as to where I can find what I need? The breakover torque wrenches I’ve seen are for values below where I need to torque to.

Thank you so much!


The breakaway function described is somewhat less popular than the less-obvious click-type function, but I believe the 2128-760-30-ND might fit the bill. 8792-11/16AF would appear to be a compatible 11/16" wrench head, but given that it’s non-stock at present the 7709490 adapter plus a suitable socket might be an alternative.

I appreciate the help!
I spoke to our production team about his necessity for using a breakaway function. I will bring this to his attention and let him decide if he really wants that or a click style preset torque wrench.

Thank you for your help!