Looking for a Yamaha Clavinova male header or crimp pins

I want to connect my Yamaha keyboard matrix to a Teensy.
Yamaha labels these connectors as: XH 12p TE and XH 16p TE in their parts list.
Here is a picture of the cables and female connectors from the keyboard…

I need male connectors to plug into these. They can be a header that I can solder wires to, an inline connector with pigtails, or preferably, just individual male crimp pins that I can attach wires going directly to the Teensy. Here is a picture of the existing male header.

Spacing is 2.5mm.
Thanks for your assistance.


The below link shows the items I had found. I am not seeing that we have 2.50mm options in-stock. We do have many 2.54mm option though.

Free Hanging, Panel Mount | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Thanks. Yes, it’s 2.54mm.
I need the male parts and it looks like they have a long lead time.
Do you have the individual male pins that I can solder or crimp wire to?

We do have 12 and 16 position headers on this link:

0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole Headers, Male Pins | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Unfortunately I am having trouble with pictures displaying. The only way I can find the correct crimp pins is to be able to identify the housing the pins would need to fit. I can’t view any pictures at this time. I am going to put this on hold and come back to it. Maybe someone else will be able to help. Otherwise I will put this one hold and come back to it when my system displays the pictures. Sorry.

The male crimp pins could be wired individually. No need for a housing.
I think they are square pins.

The below link are example pins I had found.

Another option. This one has a square contact end and can be crimped.

Many thanks for the research. I ordered some pins today.

I’m a little late to the party but based upon the part numbers given by Yamaha I believe these are the connectors you have:

Connectors, Interconnects | Rectangular Connector Housings | DigiKey

The mating connectors for these can be found here:
Headers, Male Pins | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Please choose the ones that best suit your application.

Thanks to all who responded. Parts ordered, delivered, and work as promised.
This forum is great!

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