Motorcycle connector ID

Hey guys, I’m looking for this connector. It connects to the headlight control unit on a 2015+ Yamaha R1. I measured pin spacing at .133" on centers. I’m looking for a male and a female. The only markings on the whole plug are on the face that goes into the plug, and it’s just the materials; PBT and GF30. Looking for the 6-pin one, 4-pin connector picture is just so you can see the side.

Hi Jblank, Thank you for contacting Digi-Key. I am sorry, we do not carry the connector that you have pictured. However, if you are replacing both of the mates, it would not need to be the very same connector or the same pitch. If both are wire mounted, or you can replace the panel mount part, you would only need to know the current rating and the number of wire connections ( positions) and we would have several different types would be ok to use. Glenda

One connector is panel mounted and epoxy potted, so no replacing it. I just need to redirect two wires going into that connector and am trying to avoid having to cut into the bikes wiring harness. You don’t know who manufacturers that connector?

Sorry, I would not know who would carry these. You might check with a Yamaha repair shop?

Take a look at part MX44006SF1 I would double check the polarity, however it looks right from the picture you have supplied.

You could also need contacts M44S05K4F1 as the above mentioned part number is just a housing.

Some other part numbers.

retainer MX44006XR1
MX44006NF1 is a panel mount header. Not sure what is on the other side of your panel

4 pin version would be MX44004SF1
retainer MX44004XR1
Header MX44004NF1

YES! That’s it! Thank you so much Robert!