Looking for an equivalent (pin to pin) LDO regulator

The part is G5725ADJT11U by Global mixed mode technology.
1MHz 1.5 Amp step down regulator
a sot-23-5

Any help or pointers to a cross reference would be appreciated.

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I can’t help recommend a substitute but to make finding one easier I wanted to point out that this part is a Synchronous Step-Down Regulator not what is usually referred to as an LDO regulator. While many types of regulators have a low dropout input voltage, the name LDO usually refers to linear regulators

This part is not a linear regulator, it is switching regulator per the manufacturers data sheet:


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I have found part number 1028-1335-1-ND which would be a replacement for G5725ADJT11U.
RT5796AHGJ5 Richtek USA Inc. | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey


Thank you @PaulHutch. I am definitely not an expert and appreciate your clarification on the use of the LDO descriptor.

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Thank you @anthony_14117! This is a perfect match, thank you very much.

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