Looking for AQF240E-48S or AQF240U-48S

I am in need of an AQF240E-48S or AQF240U-48S. Can you supply?
I notice you have ARF240E-48S listed, would this sub? What does the R signify vs Q in the second P/N character?

Thank you,

Hi SierraTyler,

AQF and ARF are different series. The ARF is smaller in size.

1145-PMR-48V240W1AT-ND by Delta Electronics is an alternative and closer in dimensions.

Thank you Becky.
Is there a U bracket alt from Delta or can you supply AQF240U-48S?

Hi SierraTyler ,

We do carry ARCH manufacturer, however since this product isn’t something we currently normally stock, you can submit a quotation request to have it specially ordered using this form. Manufacturer lead-time and minimum order quantity may apply.