Looking for direct replacement MOSFET for a car audio amplifier

New to this stuff and trying to replace a couple blown MOSFETs in one of my Kenwood amplifiers.

Original part is an STP60NF06FP, MOSFET N-CH 60V 30A TO220FP and I’m not sure what a direct replacement would be. Digi-key inquiries have brought up IRF1018EPBF and IRF1010EZPBF as “direct” replacements even though the data is different then the OEM part.

I’m completely new to this and am really just looking for a hand. Do that parts need to be the exact match or just within certain parameters,

attached is the data sheet for the OEM part to b replaced.
Thanks in advance

STP60NF06FP.PDF (275.5 KB)


Exact is not always needed.
Things like
–Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss)
–Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C
–Power Dissipation (Max)
can be at the ~original or higher values.

Things like
–RDS on
–Gate charge
–Input capacitance
can be ~ the same or lower

Temp range the same or wider.

These can give good results.

The more options you include in each step the better your chances are in getting options that are active and possible also in-stock.

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Thanks for the replay.
The help is really appreciated.

So it would just be a question of cross referencing those parameters with a suitable replacement. , and as long as the values are above/the same /or lower with respect to the particular parameter field it should function ?

is it a safe bet that an audio amp would still function well with the direct replacement options offered to me through my search ( part # previously mentioned) ?

It depends on you definition of “well”.

Audio circuits can be tricky because of important specs that aren’t directly related to basic component specs (e.g. THD, IMD, SID).

At the Kenwood design center they would choose the closest match put them in the total circuit, measure the results, and compare to the performance of the original component.

Serious audio engineers would do the same but most of us won’t have access to the very expensive gear needed for suitably accurate measurements. So instead we test what we can, then substitute listening tests for the tests we can’t do to be more certain our chosen replacements are acceptable.

Edited to add:
Listening tests are unavoidably very subjective and easily influenced by many different psychological effects. So as a designer or technician, never trust your own ears.

Do this to help get better objectivity in the results.
If the amplifier belongs to somebody else, have them do the listening.
If the amplifier belongs to you, find somebody you trust to do the listening.

No, for two reasons:

  1. Obvious transistor failures commonly cause or are caused by less-obvious failures, such that simply replacing the crispy parts has a low probability of fixing the problem.

  2. The information presenting those parts as “direct” substitutes is incorrect. (Corrections should show after the next update.)

Hello @firestrider226 ,

TK40A06N1S4X-ND should be a valid replacement for your N-Channel listed above. The P-Channel I wasn’t able to locate an ideal compliment but IRFI9Z34GPBF-ND is the best found in our stock. And yes fixing the fried stuff won’t always promise a working unit at the end but may be worth a shot. I had a class AB amp where the mosfets fried out of it and I was able to replace them along with a large diode to get it working.

The diode can look like one of these: