Looking for info on the GE-1935

The data sheets shows a 10kohm resistor. I cannot tell if it is in the assembly or do I need to add it.
Also, are the pins polarity dependent?

I have forwarded your request to the Product Specialist and will post the reply as soon as I receive it.l

“Typical circuit diagrams” usually show implementations rather than a part by itself, and the mating connectors mentioned are two-pin types. This would indicate that the part is essentially a raw thermistor with fancy packaging.

As such, one would need to supply their own external resistance and the connections should be polarity insensitive.

Hello @don.sigman

We have heard back from our product specialist,

The 10k ohm resistor would need to be added to the circuit in series with the thermistor to create a voltage divider. The wattage of the resistor will depend on the circuit design and not the thermistor.

The GE-1935 assembly contains just a NTC thermistor and no other electronics.

The thermistor has no polarity, as it is basically a resistor that changes resistance with changes in temperature.