Looking for Jumpers for Digikey PN# 3M5718-ND

The 3M Mini Clamp Receptacle has 4 connectors each with 4 wires normally inserted into circuit board. This receptacle is used to create a common tap for 4 CANBus connectors.

Looking for a 4 row jumper that will connect the 12V+, G, CAN-High and CAN Low pins on Digikey PN# 3M5718-ND, 3M PN# 37216-62M3-004PL - 16 Position Receptacle Connector 0.079" (2.00mm) Through Hole.

Need to be able to tie each of the 4 wires on the Mini Clamp socket together and would prefer not to solder if possible. Is there anything that would fit the back of this part and tie the 4 connectors together?


I’m unaware of any such product offered as a standard item, since such would tend to defeat many of the connector’s purposes and have limited commercial use. A soldering iron and piece of scrap wire may well be your best option.