Looking for some ideas for better audio quality

I’m working on making a Plinko board, where when the chip hits the middle slot, it trips a sensor module and a “victory fanfare” style audio clip plays out of a sound bar that I have mounted to the back. I’m currently using a setup that consists of an arduino nano, an sd card module, an audio amplifier module, and the sound bar connected to audio amp module through an aux cable. That setup works, however the audio quality is very bad sounding. So basically what I’m looking for is a way to improve the audio quality. I’m open to any suggestions and I don’t have to use an arduino. it was just the first idea I had and I was unaware of the fact that the audio quality wouldn’t be very good. However if someone has any ideas on how I could improve the audio quality of my current setup, that’d be good too. In fact it might even be better.

Hi pqpcrepair,

You might have better luck using an Arduino shield which includes an audio playback chip with SD card interface, an SD card holder, and either an on-board amp or one which can feed an off-board amp. Here are a few likely candidates:

1568-1507-ND Quality audio - no amplifier

1528-1118-ND Average audio - amplified

1528-1330-ND Quality audio - amplified

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