Looking for substitute for Toshiba 2SC3423 and 2SA1360

Looking for substitute for 2SC3423 and 2SA1360. Can someone please suggest the best alternative?

Thank you

The VCEO and VBEO are close to this one: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/149/fairchild%20semiconductor_2n5550-320047.pdf

Digi-Key does not have alternatives for these.

The TTA004 and TTC004 are a complementary pair with available stock that’d probably be worth a try.

Thank you rick_1976. I ordered them. I am very confident they will work. The specs are very close to the original and the package is perfect. Thanks again!

Thank you bidrohini. Unfortunately this package will not work for me and also the pin configuration is different. The originals are ECB. Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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Hello Mitsu,

Before joining the DigiKey team I made a video that you may find useful. It describes a trick I learned from a TV repair shop a long time ago. Rather than selecting the specific semiconductors, you can often use a general substitution. Companies such as NTE maintain an index of common semiconductors. DigiKey is a NTE distributor.

For example, your 2SC3423 crosses to a NTE373.

NTE373 NTE Electronics, Inc | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey Marketplace

It’s not a perfect solution as there are some differences between the generalized NTE373 and the 2SC3423. However, many thousands of repairs have been performed over the last half centry using this method.

Best Wishes,


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