Looking for Ultra Low Capacitance Indirect Lightning Protection Device or Devices

Currently using a CDSOT236-DSL0312 TVS Diode array which is now obsolete. However, we have discovered that the stray capacitance grows with temperature and is causing us issues with 3G-SDI circuits @ 3 GHz. Is there another device or combination of devices that will give us 12V Reverse Voltage, 14V breakdown, 34V clamping and 35A 8/20uS? We need capacitance <0.5 pF.

There is no direct cross

alternative NUP2202W1T2G


Thanks, but those will not work!

I’m not especially familiar with 3G-SDI, but a sideways glance suggests that your reference part may be a bit more device than is strictly necessary for a single channel. Or that I’m missing something. Even money either way…

There’s a smattering of devices here which seem in the ballpark, or at least close enough to smell the hot dogs. As a general rule, higher reverse withstand ratings for a given peak current mean more power dissipation, which means bigger dies, and in turn more capacitance. It’s not entirely clear to me how the reference device was characterized, but it’s numbers seem a bit exceptional which raises suspicion.

There can be a bit of variance in reverse bias test conditions that confounds the meaning of listed capacitance values as well–something to keep in mind when looking around.

Anyhow, if these suggestions are still off-target I’ll take another look if you’d be so kind as to help me better understand the application/need.