Loss data for RG-316, RG-178, RG-316 DS

I am looking to use one of the following cables:

  • Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson 4156-0029-MM750, 750mm, RG-316, 2.6mm OD (Digikey P/N
  • Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson 4156-0025-MM750, 750mm, RG-178, 1.8mm OD (Digikey P/N:
  • Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson 4156-0033-MM750, 750mm, RG-316 DS (double shielded), 2.6mm OD (Digikey P/N: J10313-ND)

However, I have not been able to find any information on the loss (as a function of frequency) of the RG-316, RG-178 or RG-316 DS cable used in these cable assemblies. Could you please provide this data over the frequency range of 0 to 6GHz?


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I sent a request for this information and will post as soon as I receive it.

Here is the datasheet provided for the cable

83284_techdata.pdf (133.4 KB)

Thanks Steve.