Alternative to 135103-02-24.00 for better attenuation?

Hi all,

We normally order this cable for the internal connections between radiating elements and power splitter/combiner in our 433/868/915MHz antennas: 135103-02-24.00. It is a RG-174/U cable, with 0.88 dB/m attenuation at 1000MHz, and 0.55 dB/m at 400MHz.

Does someone know any other cable with the same characteristics, also in 60cm format, with the same connectors but featuring better attenuation figures?


Hi BlueMatter,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Take a look at Digikey part ACX1594-ND as a possible alternate . This part has an SMA plug male to right angle SMA plug male 60cm long with RG316 cable which should be close to the dB/M attenuation values you’re looking for. RG316 cable attenuation is approximately half of RG174 cable due to the larger diameter of the cable.